Japanese language course and institute in Faisalabad

Japanese Language Course in Faisalabad

Your search for the best Japanese language course in Faisalabad ends here at British Institute. With our twelve years of experience in this field, started in 2010, we have developed a range of courses to help you. Take your next step towards mastering the Japanese language and culture. We offer basic-level classes that focus on pronunciation.

Writing, and reading, as well as advanced levels. That covers business-related Japanese. Student level of work permit visa. Such as reading and writing business emails and other documents in Japanese. All of our courses are created by native Japanese teachers who are trained to help you reach your goals.

Why you need to learn a Japanese language course. Let me explain it to you a bit. Govt of Pakistan and Govt of Japan have an agreement. To send the skilled person to Japan for a work visa. If you want to get a Japanese work visa, you must first learn the Japanese language and pass the N5 and N1 tests. Do not worry, we will help you pass the test, InshAllah.

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About the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam

They are designed for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers and teachers of Japanese. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are provided to high school students, as an opportunity to pursue college-level work.

If you’re planning on taking any AP courses. as a high school student, or even if you want to get a work permit visa. Taking your initial language course at the British Institute is a good idea. It’s the only Japanese language course institute in Faisalabad.

For example, if you want to study in a Japanese college, during your senior year of high school, the test is designed to assess. whether students have achieved a level of skill. equal to that attained by most native speakers. who has received three years of formal education in Japan? While there are no official conditions for taking either exam. most colleges prefer that applicants.

have completed at least two years of foreign language study. before enrolling—and may require three or four years. It’s also important to note. that these exams are not offered every year. they’re only available when schools sign up with the College Board.

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test level Writing and Listening

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test level

JLPT, or Nihongo Noryoku Shiken, is a standardized test taken by non-native speakers. to prove their skill in the Japanese language. The test has four levels: N5 and N4 are beginner-level tests. Level N3 is considered intermediate. and JL/N2 and up are considered advanced. Each level of JLPT increases in difficulty.

Passing every level of JLPT demonstrates. a learner’s ability to use Japanese with increased competency. Taking these tests is a good way to measure your progress in learning Japanese. or as an ideal way to prove you can speak conversational Japanese for business purposes or college credit.

Introduction British Institute

The British Institute is one of the oldest. and leading Japanese language Course Institutes in Faisalabad. with professional and skilled teachers team. We teach students from all over Faisalabad. This network is a unique resource to learn Japanese and gain skills in it. Our teachers are native speakers. who are well-versed in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Our curriculum includes. audio-visual material. fun activities, games, CDs, etc. which help you to enhance your listening abilities. as well as reading and writing skills. It also helps you understand. the cultural differences between Japan and Pakistan. so, our classes also have weekend workshops. for those who want extra practice or want to take their knowledge up a notch!


We provide you with an environment. that gives you a head start. You get to study at our new. the swanky facility where we have top-of-the-line. technology and amenities. We also take things seriously. which means our teachers are highly qualified professionals with proven methods of teaching. While we teach you how to speak. read and write Japanese. we also teach you about Japan – a culture as well as a country – through games. quizzes and other activities. In addition to learning Japanese from us. here at British Institute. which provides the best Japanese language course in Faisalabad. you can also practice outside class by contacting native speakers. through websites like we will let you know. where you can find tutors or improve your conversational skills.

BRITISH institute 

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